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The cut down version of RIM (Randall's Information Manager) is finally complete. My PIM weighs in under 1 meg in size. If you are sick of waiting for Outlook to load, then this PIM is for you. Its focus is on speed. It doesn't do everything Outlook does, but then again, it isn't 40m either. It will maintain all of your contacts and businesses, including addresses, phone numbers, email and web addresses it also has convenient utilities to remind you of birthdays, and lookup phone numbers. Plus it has a handy todo manager so you never forget to pay your bills... So if you are not glued into buggy, bloatware then give RIM a go. Click the link below to download.

RIM 3.8.1 One kick-ass contact management system! Just download and run Setup.exe inside the zip file! The master password is Dudeman (Dudeman should be typed in exactly as you see it here, it is cAsE sEnSiTiVe.) This is the only place I list it for security reasons, so jot it down so you don't forget.
Build 286
After you've downloaded the above install, click here to get the latest build that has various GUI enhancements.
Build 286
Midas Client DLLs These are the two DLLs that MIDAS requires. They need to be registered via RegSvr32.EXE. Place in the System or System32 directory.
D3 Packages These are the standard DPL files for Delphi 3.
CDS Viewer A small app to allow you to view CDS files, their data and structure


Keep an eye on this page for future technical utilities such as a Tech-Tip tool to store useful technical information, (an online version of TipExplorer is here).