OK, I realize not everyone loved Loki as much as I did, so to help show how much you loved her, I provide various links to download her video...

Nov 2003 to Aug 2005

Everybody should own a ferret - especially if you live in California, just to piss off Bush and Arnie
But seriously, I really recommend you go for the gusto. Com'on grab a cup of coffee and live a little!

Select the link below that most closely matches:

I have the fastest connection on the planet. No download is any match for my equipment - give me the top notch stuff!

(You have chosen wisely good friend)

I too have the fastest connection on the planet, but I don't have all bloody day! Jeez, it is just a ferret.

(You will regret not going the whole hog to the left)

OK, OK, I told Randall I'd have a look but I'm in way over my head. So what if I'm missing out on the coolest link on the internet? (far left link) I'm happy surfing the net with my 1980's dialup connection.

(Users that click this link will not be allowed to have one of my infamous pow-wow buns this Christmas ever. No not ever!)
I only have a 300 baud modem and am so completely clueless as to how I even got here, that all I want to see is Randall's microwave oven after having not cleaned it for over a year. Stuff the ferret!

(Do I know you? No really, why are you here???)
Loki video - 146m Loki video - 39m Loki video - 24m
dinner is served
Right click and choose "Save As". Then go find the file and play it. Enjoy!

Now we can close the book on Loki's last chapter. She was an angel sent from heaven, and won't soon be forgotten...

Please note, for every download I will donate $1000 to the Ferret Welfare Society of New South Wales from my after-tax income. And then I'll give Bill Gates whatever money is left over, so he can re-invest in his email-tracking application. Then we can all meet up in Disney Land for a nice big group hug.