How do you summarise the Olympics in one word? Simply Awesome. Well, perhaps that is two. If you weren't fortunate enough to have gone, I've attempted to encapsulate the entire experience, as seen through the lens of my camera. Have a look.

I went to four events (Badminton, TaeKwonDo, Judo, and Freestyle Wrestling), and the Opening Ceremony. All metal competitions (no preliminaries) so I got to see the best of the best do their thing. I would have gone to more, but simply ran out of time and money.

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, it is next to impossible to capture the excitement and energy that came from the games. By far the most exciting viewing came from the Opening Ceremony. Although I have just recently become an Australian Citizen, one can't help but feel a great deal of national pride when listening to 110,00 people all singing Waltzing Matilda at once. This was prior to the television coverage of the Opening Ceremony. Let me tell you, it was gripping. Enjoy the pictures.