Me in Fat Pizza - "the movie"

For those not in the "know", Fat Pizza is a cute (cute???) show that runs on SBS here as a TV series. I train with Paulie (one of the main characters) and he asked the group to participate. When we went to shot (at some un-godly hour in the morning) I was playing with their fake nunchukas - and whala - a star is born... my infamy lasted about as long as my time on camera!

Still shot of me in action 1
Still shot of me in action 2
Still shot of me in action 3
Still shot of me in action 4
Still shot of me in action 5
Still shot of me in action 6

And yes, 5 seconds is probably pushing it, in terms of actual time I was on the big screen. But hey, it is still me under all that makeup. :)
A big thanx to Mike Hempstead who talked me into getting involved with this...

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Most of this is stuff leading up to the scene that has me in it. It will give you a feel for what this movies is all about - well kinda. I had to edit out some stuff for those kids that are smart enough to override their parent's Parental Control (rated PG13)

With this video you really need to pay attention. Even the smallest yawn at the most inopportune moment could spell disaster for your viewing pleasure.
Full Scene - 26m Just my bit - 10m
Right click and choose "Save As". Then go find the file and play it. Enjoy!

I know, I know, crass language, rampant overacting. What can ya say? The movie was a complete flop. But if you care to see something that truly touches my heart, click here.