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Yes, I do enjoy a slice of pizza and glass of finely aged coke every now and again. But don't let that fool you. I am every bit as out of shape as the next programmer. And how many people outside of Hollywood can say they've been in a movie? Check out my 5 seconds of fame!

Way back in the Christmas of 1999, I went on a cruise to the Caribbean with my family. Check it out!

Did I mention I have a love affair with my car? Yes 31 stunning photos of her. What should I call her? If you have a suggestion, let me know.

Also, I've become an Australian citizen, not too exciting, but you can see a few photos here.

But wait, there's more, I went to the Olympics in Sydney. Check it out here.

Back in Christmas (2000) I took an extended break to go to Bali, and then back to the USA where I did lots of cool stuff. Turns out the girl I went with was Satin's sister so you can fill in the blanks on how that relationship went....

There is never enough time is there? And based on the age of some of these links I'd say it is about time I fixed it! Nah, too hard... BUT please have a the very cool video of my recently deceased ferret - Loki.

In older news... back in 2003 I rode in a very exciting 12 hour mountain bike race (2.4megs) at Yellomunde Region Park in the Blue Mountains (Sept 2003). A week prior to the race I went around with my trusty camera so others can get a feel for the track (10.4megs). Although nothing compares to being on the saddle and riding it! These links are to ZIP files and NOT images. Sorry, just too busy... I hope you enjoy them.

OK, so I updated it, are you happy? Now I can leave it alone again for another 2 years. Check back in 2007 to see if I'm still here. Until then, may all your web pages download swiftly and format themselves with grace and poise on your favorite web browsers (hint - FireFox rules!) - Peace out. - randall